Easy and effective document automation with Eledo and Integromat

Integromat is powerful online tool to combine online services and put them into flows with full control. It makes it very easy nowadays to automate everyday tasks in your business. Documents are usually a part of them and they are used for communication between businesses and clients, so they are very important. Every successful business is using personalised and beautiful one to impress its partners or clients. And here comes Eledo handy. It makes document automation and personalization pretty simple for everyone.

Let's automate something..

Sign up for Eledo and Integromat services. It's mandatory, because you need to prepare your own scenario in Integromat and document template in Eledo. Don't worry, both of them provides freemium accounts!

In this blog we are going to describe Eledo role in Integromat scenario for personalized PDF Invoice creation for Shopify Orders. Eledo is building public document library to let you start almost instantly with common document types and personalize them later.

Connecting Integromat and Eledo

You can find Eledo PDF generator already in Integromat list of modules, but to bring it to life you need to create personal connection. Find required API Key for your account on Eledo Integrations > API page:

Create new connection for module in Integromat and use provided API Key. Keep it private and don't share your key with anybody, if you don't want to share your quota or templates. You can generate new API Key anytime.

Press Continue so connection is validated and saved. Next you can choose a template. If you haven't created any yet, don't worry. You can pick a public one for quick test. Fortunately we have Invoice for Shopify prepared and public.

Data mapping

Eledo promises to automaticaly prepare web form and API and it's true. Once you save and activate your document template, you can load new fields in Integromat immediately. Ready to map your data and get the PDF. Invoices are complex documents, plenty of values to transfer, so it take some time to setup. Templating is trendy and therefore you can find this scenario template at Integromat. Invoice contains line items and it is good example how Integromat and Eledo can handle them.

Here comes the PDF

Output from Eledo module is binary PDF you can use however you like. Document generation is performed on the fly and transaction data are not kept in Eledo cloud by default, because we respect your privacy.

What to do with document next? You can save it to a file drive or attach to an email, but thanks to Integromat, there are no limits. You can upload it to any application accepting files.

Configuration for Google Drive can't be simpler. File name is defined in Eledo document template, because it can be dynamic as well. Eledo also enables you to create and use counters, so you get unique numbers for every single document you create.

Email attachment is similar. Notice how File Name is used in email Subject. File name for this Invoice generation scenario looks like 'INV0001.pdf', that's why we are using split function to get rid of .pdf extension and getting invoice number.

Template customization

PDF template we have used is public and therefore read only. To make changes you need to copy it to your personal directory. It's a simple task, click edit on public template and then click copy. Now you can make any changes to your personal template. Don't forget to switch it in Integromat as well.

You can find more details about Invoice customization in our blog article:
Automatically create and send custom PDF invoice in WooCommerce

Happy automation to everyone!