How to print Shipping Labels with eledo

Preparing a simple label is easy, but when it comes to numbers it can take you a lot of time. Is there a quick and easy automation for this?

At first you should have some data store of your orders to provide ongoing automation digital data in a good shape. Then you need some template for your label, ideally customizable. Thanks to integration tools nowadays it should be easy to build a bridge between your orders source and label generator.

As eledo is document generator service, let's find out how you can reach it.

1. Shipping Labels for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is popular commerce platform and it's also open source, which helped us to prepare native plugin for integration. You can download it from WordPress public plugin directory or from our webpage. Once installed, quick configuration gets it working.

Public document "Shipping Labels for Woocommerce" was created for this purpose. It has basic structure and is designed for A5 size. As we are talking about automation, 4 labels are placed on A4 paper sheet so you can print them in a bulk and then cut in size.

Navigate to PDF Documents section, where you can select multiple orders and execute bulk PDF generation operation from Action menu. When you receive the PDF, print it as usual.

If you are not happy with label design, don't be annoyed. Our service makes it possible to personalize the document template. From simple font size or color changes to more advanced styling techniques via CSS. Feel free to add an logo or decoration image anywhere to make your labels more remarkable. Copy public document and be creative.

<picture of copying public document>

2. Automation with Zapier

Zapier is an online tool that connects your favorite apps and automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. Our service is integrated with Zapier too, so you can get all the benefits.

Interesting implementation can be found at their blog article. It describes how to print labels automatically every time, without you ever needing to click anything. It puts necessary labels into a queue and prints right after 4 of them are gathered.

3. Your own implementation

We provide PDF generation service with basic document templates. You can customize the template, but also use REST API to get your document created. Find more details about the API in documentation and realize yourself.


Public document also contains a Barcode at the bottom. To get it working you need to provide valid value from your data source for it. You can replace it with QR or other code, or just remove it if you don't need it.