Stop hardcoding your PDF templates, design them!

Most of the time exact presentation of the content is important and that's why PDF was developed and is widely used. But if you need to generate one, you feel like in a stone age. There are many libraries and tools to render or convert documents, but sometimes even developers getting into trouble when using them.

That's why eledo was born. It provides fast and easy way to prepare PDF template with dynamic elements for developers and standard users too. Let's find out its advantages.

Template is all you need

Thanks to generative design patterns - all you need to prepare is the template. Everything else is automatic. You can immediately get your PDF either by filling in a web form or using REST API.

Rich text, in-browser editor is portable and available online. Beside paragraphs, lists, tables or images it is featured with custom components helping you to define dynamic parts of the template. Simple text field should be self explaining, but eledo also supports conditional and repetitive blocks to design more advanced scenarios. Another useful components are Barcodes, QR codes or digital signature placeholders.

For those who are not satisfied yet and want more, we are happy to say: Expressions! Either you need to split dynamic data or combine, add or subtract, multiply or divide, it's all possible. Aggregation functions can be used on vector data and boolean operators in block conditions.

No more wasted time (and money)

We understand designing template from a scratch is time consuming, so we are creating public library of common templates. Copy and re-desing as much as you like. Our mission is to save your time, while giving you more flexibility.

Save your time when integrating our service into your solutions. We are preparing plugins for different platforms like WooCommerce, but also utilizing integration partnerships like Zapier or RapidAPI.

Time is money and money is time, depends what you have more.