General functions

IF(C, A, B)

If logical condition C is true, result is A, otherwise B:

IF( price > 50, "Too high", "Acceptable" )

SWITCH(R, A, X, ..)

If value A equals reference value R then return X. Switch may contain multiple A-X pairs to switch to multiple values:

SWITCH( number, 0, "Zero", 1, "One", 2, "Two", 3, "Three" )

SWITCH( number % 2, 0, "Number is even", 1, "Number is odd" )

FOR(F, T, [S])

Creates an array with number values starting with F value, following with next values increased by step S until they are less than or equal to T. Step is optional and a default value is 1.

FOR( 0, 5 )

FOR( 1, count, 1 )


Returns next counter value for counter C

NEXTCOUNTER( "ticketNumber" )


Returns P property of object O:

PROPERTY( address, "street" )


If value V is empty, return default value D

DEFAULT( number, 0 )

DEFAULT( status, "Unknown" )