About service


This service's idea is to make electronic document creation effective and help with electronic bureaucracy.

To achieve this, we are separating form and content. Form is represented by document template, which can be used repeatedly - nothing new. Content is obtained using generated web form and ongoing insert into template produces final document. Automation of little steps boosts whole process rapidly and ensures high-grade and reliable result. Computer automation eliminates human factor when working with templates, which costs valuable time.


Web form is generated accurately so it asks from user only minimum of necessary information. Repeating words can be used multiple times in a template, but are requested by form only once. Information can be derived as well using appropriate math expression, text or date processing function, statistical function or logical operand.

Template creation is not so far away from standard word tools. Beside this, text layout is dynamic and can align to content without disturbing errors like text overflow behind the border, incorrect table split between pages etc.


Electronic document has many advantages compared to paper one and every disadvantage can be removed by printing it.

Web service is easily accessible to everyone and secure too, like Internet banking. Creates community of people around whose pushing it forward.


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