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Looking to grow your business and earn extra income? You can earn 33% of the recurring revenue for every new customer you refer to Eledo for a 1 year

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Include Eledo PDF document generator in your client's automation workflows. Help them create personalized documents automatically, save time and cut costs. Take your part in this amazing world of no-code automations!


Design beautiful dynamic document templates and engage your audience with no-code automated document creation. Let the world know Eledo exists and will change the way documents were created so far.


Recommend Eledo to companies and individuals who could benefit from automated document creation in your area. Explain how easy it is to setup and use and get reward for your time!

How does it work?

  • Apply to become a partner
  • Promote Eledo to your audience using referral link
  • Earn commisions for customers that subscribe to Eledo through your referral link.

Program benefits

  • Free to join
  • 33% of recurring revenue for 1 year
  • No limit on the commisions you can earn
  • Referral link working on every Eledo page
  • 60-day cookie window

Turn Your Influence into Recurring Revenue


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