Make your PDF generation and email attachment process easy. Present yourself in pretty way to your customers.

Fully customizable

Increase customer satisfaction by serving pretty and custom PDF attachments. Turn your vision into PDF template, don't let non-flexible template kill your ideas!


Choose when a PDF should be generated and attached to customer email message. Everything else is automatic!


Manage your PDF attachments via PDF documents screen, similar to Orders.


Plugins also support export in ZIP archive. Select date range and receive ZIP file with PDF documents.


Plugin is lightweight, saves your CPU, memory and disk space!


Operations with numbers are performed at highest precision, no more rounding errors!

Integrate your webstore with eledo service and take advantage of all benefits today


How to Get Started

  1. Create an eledo account
    1. Create a template. Start by copying public template, or create it from a scartch.
  2. Download and install this WooCommerce plugin.
    1. Plugin configuration can be found in WooCommerce Settings > eledo PDF section
    2. Fill in API account details from eledo > API page
    3. Setup one or multiple templates and their assignments to email messages.
  3. Enjoy automated PDF email attachments generation and don't forget to explore plugin's and template's features!


Fill in API credentials and configure PDF generation conditions.

Manage generated PDF attachments in single page. You can export attachments in zip file, generate bulk PDF, or update/delete attachments on order.

Example of bulk PDF generation.

Still unsure? Try it for free!



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