Personalized PDF documents in Zapier

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a platform that allow you to connect applications together and let them communicate to each other. With eledo integration to Zapier, you can now generate dynamic PDF document and feed it to hundreds of other apps in real time!

We are in closed beta testing phase

Our Zapier integration is currently in closed beta. That means it will not show up on the Zapier website at the moment and you will need an invitation link in order to try out the integration.

The reason is that both the Zapier and eledo teams want to make sure the integration works flawlessly and bug-free before making it public. We would like to encourage everybody testing it out to let us know of any problem uncovered, or suggestion for improvement!

How can I get an invitation to try the Zapier Integration?

We would like to gather some feedback before we can make sure it’s working flawlessly as intended. If you’re interested in testing Zapier, please use this invitation link:

Follow Zapier invitation